1.8 Demo Contents

This theme provides 4 different demos, which are the same that you can see from our demo page http://qantumthemes.xyz/sonik/demo/ You can easily install the demo content you like among the 4 provided. To make your life easier, instead of providing only the .xml, we provide a One Click demo installation plugin. You can […]

2.0.2 Tripleview Pages

What are Tripleview pages? Tripleview pages are pages with a header which const on a flexible height slider, which contains archives or specific contents instead of normal pictures and texts. It allows you to create special pages where the user can easily check all the latest contents for different specific […]

2.9 Blog pages

This theme features 4 blog templates: Blog fullpage Blog with sidebar Blog list Blog Masonry To create a blog page, create a new page and choose a blog template from the Page Attributes: Creating a blog page allows you to select a featured image for the blog, which will be […]

2.8 Archive pages

This theme features special page templates to create the archives. To create an archive page, go to Pages->Add New and choose the Archive template under the Page Attributes: Each archive has its own template, some are lists, other masonry, and other are grids. We selected for each typo of post […]

4.1 Adding gridstacks

This is a list of the available gridstacks. Each one can be used with any provided post type, and the contents can be filtered by each specific taxonomy. Each gridstack, when added with the Visual Composer integration, will display a list of customizable fields. Each fields has its own explanation […]

4.0 QT Gridstacks: definition

QT Gridstacks are an innovative way to build websites, created by Qantumthemes in 2016. The gridstacks are a way to reppresent informations, mostly archives of custom post types, width differen type of design and interactivity. This means that you can use any gridstack to represent any type of post, in […]

Copyright informations

Javascript Libraries jQuery https://jquery.org/license/ MaterializeCSS framework Materialize v0.97.5 (http://materializecss.com) Copyright 2014-2015 Materialize MIT License (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dogfalo/materialize/master/LICENSE) Kirki options framework https://github.com/aristath/kirki License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html VelocityJS.org VelocityJS.org (1.2.3). (C) 2014 Julian Shapiro. MIT @license: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License Animator.js 1.1.9 This library is released under the BSD license: Copyright (c) 2006, Bernard […]

5.0 Translating the theme

This theme is very easy to translate as the .mo .po (pot) files are provided within the language sub folder of the theme. In the main theme folder in wp-content/themes/sonik you’ll find a “languages” folder. It contains a model to translate the theme using Poedit or other .mo .po translation […]

2.7 Videos

This theme comes with the QantumThemes Videolove Plugin, which allows you to manage a videos archive, adding videos from Youtube and Vimeo. The video single page is displayed with a full width cinema-style video presenting a nice experience to the visitor. Videos are rendered in a responsive fashion without using any other […]

2.6 Galleries

To create galleries you need to be sure that the QT  Extension Suite plugin is active. You can add as many photo and video galleries as you want. Click galleries -> Add New Enter a title Choose an effect For each picture or video you can set a title If […]

2.5 Music Charts

What to know You can create unlimited charts A chart is a list of tracks, each one with its own mp3/soundcloud sample, picture and buy link Every chart can have unlimited tracks The charts archive is ordered chronologically (like posts) You can embed a chart into any other content (page, […]

3.2 Schedule

Schedules are lists of shows (or events) with a timing connotation. Important things to know: A schedule is basically a list of events (shows) A schedule can represent independently a day, a part of a day a recursive day of the week, or a specific date A single schedule can […]

3.1 Shows

How to create a new show: Click Shows -> Add New Fill in a title, description and genre(s) The genres will became archives that will group the shows together, with the logic based on the category instead of the time as it happens in the schedule Featured image: is the picture […]

3.0 Radio Shows and Schedule

This theme allows to create a full working weekly or monthly schedule of the shows. To do so, the plugin QT Extension Suite creates 2 new post types: Shows and Schedule. Shows The shows are the special pages containing the description of an event occurring one or more times. It […]

2.5 Radio station channels

A radio channel is composed of: A visible radio channel page (with its own custom post type and a custom template in the theme) A featured image (or logo) A playable stream of the radio station Creating the radio channel: To simply create a radio channel page, use the title […]

2.4 Podcast

How to create a new podcast page Click “Podcast” > “add new” Enter the title and a description Add an Artist name, podcast name and a date Add the podcast link (this can be a link from mixcloud, soundcloud, youtube or a simple mp3) Upload a picture or just paste […]

2.3 Events

Click Events Click Add New Enter a title and description Choose a date using the datepicker Insert an address and any other details If you want to show a google map for the event, insert the location of the event and click “Geolocate Address” Add a website URL for the event […]

2.2 Artists

Click “Artist” on the left, then click “add new” Write the exact name in the same way you write it into the tracks of your artist releases. Why is this is so important? One of the cool features of this theme, is that every artist appearing under the tracks is automatically […]