2.4 Podcast

How to create a new podcast page

  1. Click “Podcast” > “add new”
  2. Enter the title and a description
  3. Add an Artist name, podcast name and a date
  4. Add the podcast link (this can be a link from mixcloud, soundcloud, youtube or a simple mp3)
  5. Upload a picture or just paste your chosen image URL. We recommend using squared images of at least 400 x 400 px in dimension
  6. Upload a featured image
  7. Suggested: insert some “Podcast filters”, those will be the labels with which you can filter podcasts in the podcasts archive pages.
  8. Be sure to spell correctly the artist name to enable automatic link to the artist’s page.

Creating the events archive:

  1. Go to pages->Add New
  2. Select the Archive Events template
  3. In Appearance->Menus link to the page you just created (optional)

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