2.7 Videos

This theme comes with the QantumThemes Videolove Plugin, which allows you to manage a videos archive, adding videos from Youtube and Vimeo.
The video single page is displayed with a full width cinema-style video presenting a nice experience to the visitor. Videos are rendered in a responsive fashion without using any other plugin.
You can create 2 types of archive: a filterable videolove video page or a simple video archive page.

How to add videos:

  1. Be sure that the QT Videos plugin is installed and active. If it is not, go to Appearance -> Plugin installation and install the plugin.
    If the plugin cannot be actived in this way, you will find it on the product page and you can unzip and upload it via FTP to wp-contents/plugins.
    If you install the plugin manually via FTP, be sure that after you visit the Plugins page of your WordPress website to activate it.
  2. Once the plugin is active, go to Video -> Add new
  3. Put in a title and a description
  4. You can also set an order in the page attributes
  5. Set some filters. Filters are like a category, but when viewing the videos with the [videolove] shortcode they will become clickable filters for your video archive
  6. Set the url of the video in the separate custom field
    Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 21.06.31
  7. Click Save

How to create a video archive:

Add the [videolove] shortcode to any existing page.
You will find the video archive settings in Settings -> Videolove


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