3.1 Shows

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How to create a new show:

  1. Click Shows -> Add New
  2. Fill in a title, description and genre(s)
  3. The genres will became archives that will group the shows together, with the logic based on the category instead of the time as it happens in the schedule
  4. Featured image: is the picture used in the schedule and as main image in the show page. Suggested size: 2000 x 768. This image will appear everywhere as show’s main image.
  5. Short show description is used in the schedule. If missing, an excerpt will be used. It allows basic html tags. No js or css are allowed here.
  6. Remember to SAVE /PUBLISH

Note: The right column of each shows is automatically generated once you add a show to a schedule, with a list of all the times when a show goes on air, and a link to each specific schedule day when it appears.


  • Any show can be added to unlimited schedules and unlimited times
  • When editing a show, it will change in every schedule where it appears
  • A show doesn’t need to be duplicated in order to appear in multiple schedules. If for example your timetable is a week and a show is every morning, you don’t need to create 7 copies of the show. The item is re-usable across unlimited schedule pages.

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