2.1 Album Releases

For the purpose of this theme a “Release” is not a track, but a COLLECTION of tracks, like an EP, an LP or a compilation. You can also create a single track release.
In this theme there is no possibility of creating a track “by itself” because actual releases are globally the way to organize the modern music market.

How to create a Release manually:

  1. Login to your WordPress wp-admin
  2. Click “Release > Add New”
  3. Fill in the title and description
  4. Insert the basic information for each track. You can add infinite tracks by clicking the “Add Another” button.
  5. For each track, compile the Authors field. Note that authors will be automatically linked to the Artists pages that has the same title as a track’s author. Carefully check for any typo’s that will create a mismatch, if the author is correctly spelt, the theme won’t be able to sync to your intended author. This author name is also needed to create the author’s page, the list of the releases where he/she have their tracks listed.
  6. For each track you can upload an MP3. Optionally, you can fill the field with an direct mp3 URL.
  7. IMPORTANT NOTICE: on the web, it’s impossible to prevent something to be stolen, because there is always the way to reach a content if it is published. To prevent your tracks to be stolen, never upload full quality 100% long tracks.
  8. You can upload an edited preview at 128 k (or 96 k) or you can upload watermarked audio previews (like audiojungle does).
  9. Track buy link: add the URL of any external shop, or use the numeric ID of a product to directly add the track to the cart.
  10. Multiple buy links: you can add unlimited links to external shops like iTunes, Beatport or Juno, or add the numeric ID of an existing Woocomemrce product to directly add it to the cart.
  11. Soundcloud / Youtube URL: to add the player of an external service, use the URL with a matching protocol. ie. if your site uses SSL, use https with Youtube or Soundcloud.
  12. Uplaod a featured image (squared and measuring at least 2000px width for a good result).
  13. Save, publish and verify your release. Any track can be played clicking the play button.
  14. Any track is automatically added to the playlist of the player.

Creating the release archive:

  1. Go to pages->Add New
  2. Select the Archive Releases template
  3. In Appearance->Menus link to the page you just created (optional)

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