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Custom post types:

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This theme features 11 Custom Post types. The post types are added by specific plugins, as per WordPress development rules. This means that you won’t see any of these post types unless you install the required plugins as explained in the plugins installation section.

Post types added by Theme Core plugin:

The Theme Core plugin (ttg-core) is responsible for generating all the extra functions of the theme, such as customizer and extra fields or post types. If you don’t see the custom types, visit your plugins folder and activate it.

  • Staff members:  for music bands or members of a company or crew.
  • Song charts: allows to add music charts with multiple tracks. Each track can have a Soundcloud, MP3 or Youtube preview. Can contain unlimited tracks.
  • Podcast: allows to add Podcasts with MP3, Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube player.
  • Events: allows to add Events with a date, a map and a countdown. Events can be added to an events map via the QT Places Plugin (included with the theme).
  • Radio shows: create pages of shows which can be used to create a schedule, and display the actual show within the OnAir widget. Once shows are created, can be added to the Schedule post.
  • Radio channels: allows to add unlimited radio channels. To use the theme’s built-in player, you need to have a valid stream URL. Check the dedicated manual section for more infos.
  • Sponsors: creates a scrolling footer of sponsors, which you can activate for single pages

DEVELOPERS INFO: All the custom types, taxonomies and shortcodes declarations are in the theme’s subfolder “wp-contents/onair2/ttgcore-setup”. 



  • created by QT Videolove Plugin. Allows to add videos and display a gallery of filterable videos using the [videolove] shortcode. Please visit Settings->Videolove for usage instructions.


  • created by QT Banners plugin. Allows you to create banners widget and count the clicks.

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