1.4 Required plugins installation

After installing the theme, a message will be prompted asking you to install some required plugins.
You can select them all, select “install” from the dropdown, and proceed with the operation.

The plugins are installed from a remote repository, for this reason be sure to have CURL enabled on your server.


Plugins are downloaded automatically from our online repository. We can update them in any moment. When we update the theme, the old version of the plugins is deleted.

If you see errors while trying to install the plugins, it means that your theme version is outdated and those plugins are not existing anymore on our servers.

In this case, please download the latest theme version from Themeforest and proceed again with the installation.


“Forbidden” error: please contact your hosting provider, explain that your website needs to connect to an online repository for the plugins download. Basically, your provider is preventing your website from connecting to our server to get the latest product version.

Request to open the server side connections with wordpress.org and qantumthemes.xyz


“Not found” error: if you see this error, it means that your copy of the theme is outdated. Please update it by downloading the latest version from Themeforest, and try again. When the plugins are updated, their version changes, therefore the old version is not available anymore.
Update the theme via FTP or via Envato Market to be able to download the latest version of each plugin