1.5 Plugins updates

Bundled plugins update

When you update the theme, go in Plugins. If any plugin needs an update  you’ll see a notice at the top of the page. Just follow the instruction for the automatic procedure.

To update Visual Composer:

Visual composer can’t be updated automatically because of plugin’s restrictions. Please follow these steps:

  1. Unzip latest theme version
  2. In the unipped theme’s folder look for TGM-Plugin-Activation/plugins
  3. Unzip js_composer.zip
  4. Via FTP upload it in wp-content/plugins replacing the old version

Premium plugins update:

The theme may provide bundled plugins such as Visual Composer or others. Due to Envato’s licensing rules, we provide the plugins as a built-in feature provided under a Bundle extended license, which forbids us to provide License Certificate and Purchase Code to our customers.

We can provide plugin’s updates only when we provide a new version of the theme. This because we need to test the new plugin versions with the theme and be sure that everything works well together before distributing theme.

It will be our duty to provide fast updates in case security issues or severe WordPress incompatibilities appears.

If you see any message asking to provide a purchase code of the bundled plugins, you can discard it or purchase a Personal License on Codecanyon.net, but we can’t ensure that updated versions will work smoothly with our theme as the one we provide, as is not yet tested with the theme.