1.5 Plugins updates

Bundled plugins update

When you update the theme, go in Plugins. If any plugin needs an update  you’ll see a notice at the top of the page. Just follow the instruction for the automatic procedure. This procedure now includes also Visual Composer.

Plugins are downloaded automatically from our online repository. We can update them in any moment. When we update the theme, the old version of the plugins is deleted.

If you see errors while trying to install the plugins, it means that your theme version is outdated and those plugins are not existing anymore on our servers.

In this case, please download the latest theme version from Themeforest and proceed again with the installation.

Please be sure to have the latest theme version from Themeforest.

If you see any message asking to provide a purchase code of the bundled plugins, you can discard it or purchase a Personal License on Codecanyon.net, but we can’t ensure that updated versions will work smoothly with our theme as the one we provide, as is not yet tested with the theme.

We provide Visual Composer updates on a regular basis (once a month) after testing it with our theme. In case of any critical update for security or functionality reasons, we will provide a theme update within 24 hours.