3.0 Radio Shows and Schedule

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This theme allows to create a full working weekly or monthly schedule of the shows.


The shows are the special pages containing the description of an event occurring one or more times. It remains always the same and can be recycled multiple times across different schedules (which means you can re-use the same event putting it in multiple days or multiple times within a single day).

It doesn’t have any time connotation (more info in the next chapter).


The Schedule are a list of shows. A schedule represents normally a day, from midnight to midnight. It can be used as a day of the week or a specific calendar day.
Each schedule can contain an unlimited number of shows.

A schedule can represent at the same time multiple days of the week (see next chapter).

Never assigning multiple schedules to the same day, to prevent conflicts when displaying the calendar.

If a specific date (like 2017-11-20) is assigned to a schedule, it will have higher priority compared to a week day, when extracting the current content of the day.