1.4 Plugins installation OnAir2 3.5

First of all, please make sure you server respects the theme requirements. Once you activate the theme, you’ll see the a notification asking to install the required plugins. You will be directed to an activation page. The theme purchase code is required to use the automated plugins installation. You can […]

1.5 Plugins update OnAir2 V 3.5

How to update the plugins: Go to Appearance >Install Plugins Click “Click here to refresh” if prompted Select all Select “Update” from the dropdown and run the procedure Errors troubleshooting In case of any error, you will generally get as well the instructions for the resolution. If nothing works, please […]

1.8 Demo Contents OnAir2 V 3.5

Demo import requirements: Be sure that all of the required plugins are installed Be sure that that you activated the Child theme (as explained in the installation page) If prompted, be sure to activate the purchase code of your theme In case of incomplete import or errors, please check if […]

1.1.2 Server Check: test your server

If you experience any issue after the theme installation, with the purchase code activation or with the plugins update, please make sure to have the very latest theme version, and to have the QT Server Check plugin installed. Please download the plugin QT Server Check from the following link: http://qantumthemes.xyz/public_plugins/common-plugins/qt-servercheck.zip […]

9.0 Radio Player

This theme has a built-in radio player. The radio player can reproduce the stream of any public mp3/aac stream or file. The player can also display the song feed from the most popular radio providers: SHOUTcast (v2) IceCAST Radio.co Airtime Radionomy Plain text (any URL with a plain text output […]

8.0 WooCommerce

Since the OnAir2 Radio WordPress Theme version 3.0 you can create a perfectly working E-commerce website, with the help of the free WooCommerce plugin, the most popular and functional WordPress plugin for ecommerce websites. IMPORTANT NOTE: WooCommerce pages like shop, cart, profile and orders will be loaded without ajax, so the music […]

1.9 Troubleshooting

“404 ERROR” fix: If you see 404 error pages instead of custom post pages, go in Settings > Permalinks and Save. If you want to pick a good permalink setting, choose “custom” and use /%category%/%postname%/ “Are You Sure You Want To Do This” fix: This error depends on a memory […]

2.5.1 Airtime PRO Settings

Since theme version 2.0 is possible to connect an Airtime Pro channel. You will need 2 things: The mp3 stream URL The song feed URL 1. MP3 stream URL: First of all, visit http://YOUR_USER_HERE.out.airtime.pro:8000/ Download the m3u file, and open it with a text editor: You will see a URL […]

3.4 Schedule troubleshooting

While creating your schedule, you are setting up a very complex grid of data. We often receive support requests about schedule malfunctioning, and every time it turns out that there is some misconfiguration, so we want to help you in advance with some useful tips about your schedule issue: OnAir shortcode […]

3.3 Monthly schedule

This function is available sinve OnAir2 v. 1.9.4 [2017 September 11] This option is useful if you plan to have a different schedule for every week of the month, where you have a loop of 4 or 5 weeks repeating every month.   You can assign every schedule to a different […]

1.9 Contacts page

To create a contacts page be sure to have the plugin QT Contactform actived. If not, visit the Plugins page and follow the instruction at the top of the page. Once installed, create a new page and choose the Contacts template: You can add any extra contents, they will appear above […]

5.0 Banners

Easily display banners from your sponsors, define an expiration date, and monitor clicks with the built-in QantumThemes Banner plugin.   How to create a new banner: Be sure that the Qantum Banner plugin is installed in your plugins. If installed, a “banner” link will appear in your WP Admin menu. […]

2.1 Creating pages with WP Bakery Page Builder

OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION https://kb.wpbakery.com/ Go to Page->Add new Choose Page Visual Composer as page template in the right column Enter a title Save or publish Click Backend Editor (frontend editor is not super stable at the moment, we discourage using it) Start adding elements Custom functions for layout: In the Row settings, […]

2.8 Archive pages

This theme features special page templates to create the archives. To create an archive page, go to Pages->Add New and choose the Archive template under the Page Attributes:   Each archive has its own template: we selected for each “post type” the best visualization. The specific post types can be […]

4.0 Theme Shortcodes

This thee provides a series of shortcodes to display sliders, carousels or other elements. You can use the shortcodes in the classic way, or you can use Visual Composer where every shortcode has its own Drag ‘n Drop item. All the shortcodes are meant to be used on their own rows […]

Copyright informations

Javascript Libraries jQuery https://jquery.org/license/ MaterializeCSS framework Materialize v0.97.5 (http://materializecss.com) Copyright 2014-2015 Materialize MIT License (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dogfalo/materialize/master/LICENSE) Kirki options framework https://github.com/aristath/kirki License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html VelocityJS.org VelocityJS.org (1.2.3). (C) 2014 Julian Shapiro. MIT @license: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License Animator.js 1.1.9 This library is released under the BSD license: Copyright (c) 2006, Bernard […]

7.0 Translating the theme

This theme is very easy to translate as the .mo .po (pot) files are provided within the language sub folder of the theme. In the main theme folder in wp-content/themes/onair you’ll find a “languages” folder. It contains a model to translate the theme using Poedit or other .mo .po translation […]

2.6 Galleries

First thing you need to do is to create a new post. Alternatively if you want to add the gallery to an existing post, then click to edit that post. Once you are on the post edit screen, you need to click on the Add Media button. This will open […]