Support rules

As explained in the manual and product pages, no support is provided via direct email (unless requested), Envato forum or private messaging (Facebook or similar), as are unsustainable channels and to provide a good service we had to create a standard support funnel.

If your email is an answer to a previous email discussion, please send your message as reply to our previous email, otherwise is impossible to track the request and it will be ignored.

Please visit our forum on, subscribe and open a ticket for your request.

Foundamental support rules:

0) DISABLE FOREIGN PLUGINS NOT PROVIDED WITH THEME and check if the issue persists. There are tons of badly programmed plugins out there, and they can often break pages.
1) Please be concise [brief but comprehensive] and explain what you want to do, how, and what goes wrong
2) Always link your website page where issue is or link a screenshot for offline sites (
3) Please include a screenshot of backend settings
4) Never post your password in the forum as is public
5) Please open separate tickets for each request

Please note:

1) The support service includes the help necessary to have your product working as in the demo, to help you adjust theme’s settings in case instructions aren’t clear enough, and to help you find the origin of issues when the product is not working as in the demo.
2) The support service DOESN’T cover any code customizations, functions implementation, support for 3rd party plugins or any other type of custom code (css, js, php, html), as per license agreement.
3) The themes works exactly as in the demos (is the same software), so if you don’t see a function in the demo website, it doesn’t exists.
4) You can always ask for new functions which we may evaluate for further implementations, but there’s no warranty on that, no deadline and are not part of support service.

Please understand that if we offer free code cutomizations, development for personal functions and such things, we delay the support to many other users which are respecting the rules and asking for legit support.

Please note: the support requests not respecting the directives will be ignored and/or closed. The support activity is expensive and takes a lot of time, so if you don’t take your time to post the request properly, we can’t take ours to answer.

Thanks for following the rules: in this way you allow a better product sustainability, updates and community improvement!


As we always asked in the manual, we require to use the forum for the support for 3 important reasons:

1) You may already find an answer to your question searching by keywords
2) There is a dedicated staff replying in the forum and you wait less time, while the developer’s contact has to be used only when requested by the forum staff.
3) With the forum we create a knowledge base for the future, and you may also receive help form other customers which had a similar need as yours.


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