Updating SLAM with child theme

I’ve included in the theme all the different ways to update.

There’s anyway something important that comes with this theme version: it adds child theme.

A child theme is basically like an empty folder theme, which contains instructions to copy all what’s needed from the main SLAM theme.
EXEPT if it already finds a file needed already in the child theme folder.

This means for example, that if you want to create a personal version of the index.php file, you can simply copy the index.php from the main theme folder (SLAM) to the child theme.
If you edit that index.php file, the edit will affect only the child theme, and when a new version of slam comes out, you just need to update the parent theme (SLAM).

To use it, you simply upload it like a normal theme and activate it.

BUT if you are switching for the first time between slam and the slam child, you will need to set again the widgets in the correct sidebars, and maybe set again the menu location (all the menu links will remain in the menu, only the menu location get lost).

After making this update to your site, your life will be much easier, and you will be able to retouch the code where you want without fearing updates.

When you make new updates, only update the mother theme, and leave your first child theme. All your customizations will remain.



1. upload the child theme

2. replace via ftp the parent theme*

3. activate it

4. set again all your widgets in their sidebar and in appearance-menu set the main menu location. check if you can have duplicated links to remove. Sometimes the theme activation can auto install 3 default links.
1. unzip it in your computer (the folder “slam”)
2. via FTP replace the old theme in wp-content/themes/slam. In 5 minutes is done, no data or setting will be lost.

Important: you also have plugins updates in the folder. You can uninstall the old versions and install the new ones you have with the product.

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