3.4 Creating a new podcast

How to create a new podcast page

  1. Click “Podcast” > “add new”
  2. Enter the title and a facultative description
  3. Add Artist name, podcast name and date
  4. Add the podcast link (can be a link from mixcloud, soundcloud, youtube or a simple mp3)
  5. Upload a picture or just paste an image url. Better squared images at least 400x400px
  6. Upload an artist or channel url (facultative)
  7. Uplaod a featured image
  8. Suggested: insert some “Podcast filters”, those will be the labels with which you can filter podcasts in the podcasts archive pages.

Import a podcast channel from mixcloud:

You can periodically import all the podcasts available under a mixcloud author’s channel. This is made using the Mixcloud API.

Podcasts with the same name of other posts in the WordPress database WON’T BE IMPORTED to prevent overwriting of existing contents.

Please note that if your channel has too many tracks (eg. 1000 podcasts) your server execution time can block the procedure. Don’t worry, you can repeat it again, and any already imported podcast will be skipped reducing the import execution time.

You can import podcasts of as many channels as you want.

  1. Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu)
  2. Click the “Import podcast” tab
  3. Copy-paste the mixcloud username in the field, and hit “Save Options” (for example, for http://www.mixcloud.com/QantumThemes/rocket21-records-podcast-09/ the username is QantumThemes)
  4. Wait for the result of the operation (maybe some minutes if you have a lot of podcasts).

It isn’t possible to import a single podcast (refere to the manuallly import procedure to do so).

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