3.3 Events


Login to wp-admin

  1. Click Events
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter title and description
  4. Choose a date using the datepicker
  5. Insert an address and other details
  6. If you want to show a google map for the event, insert latitude and longitude in the coordinates field. In google maps do a right click on the event and click “what’s here” than copy coords from the search box.
  7. Add a website url for the event
  8. Add a location name, like “Amnesia Ibiza”
  9. Add a contact phone number
  10. Add a Facebook event link
  11. Choose if you want to show an extra comment box using Facebook comments
  12. Add as many link to buy the ticket as you want
  13. Select one or more event types, are like categories, but for events. You can also create archives for specific event types.
  14. Click “Publish” or “Update”

Adding “events” or “events types” links to your menu:

1. Enable the visibility of events panels



  1. Go to Appearance -> Menu
  2. Click “Screen Options”
  3. Check Events and Event type
  4. Add Events to the menu
  5. Click “Save”

Our suggestion, to add a link to a general events archive, is to put any event under at least one event type, like “Events”, so that you can link “Events” archive to the menu to list all events.


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