3.2 Creating an Artist page

How to add an artist manually:

  1. Click “Artist” on the left, than “add new”
  2. Write the exact name in the same way you write it into the tracks of the releases.
    Why this is so important? One of the cool features of this theme, is that every artist appearing under the tracks is automatically linked to his page, if existing.
    Plus, in the artist’s page, there will be automatically generated the list of releases where the artist has tracks on.
  3. If in the release, as artist, you write “John Doe”, and in the artist post type you create an artist named “john Doe” or “Dj John Doe”, it won’t work. An artist name must be written always in the same way for having the theme working perfectly.
  4. Use the content section to imput a biography
  5. Compile the custom fields below
  6. All the links will be automatically transformed into “icons” in the frontend, and will appear under the artist picture
  7. Video links supports youtube links and will be automatically converted into youtube players
  8. Header image: is optional. The artist will anyway have his featured image
  9. Featured image: upload a good resolution picture, at least 600×600. Is not needed to be a square image, but in the artists list visualization it will be cropped to a squared proportion.
  10. Artist’s genres: not actually used in the front-end, but will be implemented for cool functions in the next theme release.

To add a menu link to artists archive add a link to http://www.yourtheme.com/artist/ (with url rewriting active) or http://www.yourtheme.com/?post_type=artist if you have the default permalink structure. (See How to add links to top menu for a more detailed explanation)

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