3.1.1 Importing releases from Beatport

You must require the Beatport API activation here: https://oauth-api.beatport.com/

In order to obtain the API key from Beatport:

1. Put in your site a good quality beatport logo linked to Beatport, like in a widget, and avoid linking to other music store

2. Write to Beatport that you need the API access in order to display the catalogue of your label in your website

3. Wait up to 72 hours (24 on average are enough)


Importing the releases:

  1. Create your activation key here: http://qantumthemes.com/activation/
  2. Insert the purchase code and the activation key in the Qantum Panel, under the Key tab
  3. Visit Tools -> QT Beat importer
  4. In the “Settings” panel insert the API key and Secret from Beatport that you received via email
  5. in the QT Import plugin go in the Import tab and paste the url to import (artist, release or label url)
  6. Choose which releases to import or import them all
  7. If the clock on your server is wrong, the function may not work properly. In this case, ask your hosting to fix it
  8. If you get an empty answer from the software, wait a couple of hours and try again. Sometimes the server is very busy and returns empty answer. Just WAIT and retry later!!
  9. If the service is discontinued, we are not responsible. This plugin was born to help big labels and djs to create their website easily and fast thanks to this new Beatport function, but is not a part of the theme, which works perfectly without this. We cannot guarantee for how long this service will go on. Is just some free plugin to make your life easier.


IMPORTANT: this function is an EXPERIMENTAL function of the theme, as the Beatport API is in BETA and this is not a commercial standalone function. No guarantees are given if the Beatport service will stop to work without any advice. Any other theme function will be anyway active.

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