2.11 Facebook Like button and SDK

To include the facebook like button, enable the Facebook SDK.
Anything is automated, and you can choose if you want to embed the SDK or not, for example if it is already embedded by another plugin.

If you want also to include your API key, just compile that field in the admin panel.
To obtain an API key and API secret, simply login to Facebook and visit http://developers.facebook.com/

  1. Click the “app” voice on the top right menu
  2. Click “+ Create app” and name it as you want
  3. Insert your website domain in the “App Domains” field
  4. Click “Website with Facebook Login” and insert the full website url (http://…)
  5. Copy App ID and App Secret and paste them in the fields of the Qantum Panel under the “Facebook Like” section.
  6. Enable the “Embed Sdk” setting to include the SDK in the template. If you want to include other plugins that already embeds the SDK, disable this option.
  7. Setup the rest of Facebook settings and choose where and how you want the Facebook Like button to appear.

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