1.3 Adding links to the Top Menu

Are you new to wordpress? Here it “how to create a menu” in WordPress 3.6.

Please pay attention to this chapter as this is not intuitive if you are not a wordpress expert.

For your interest, this theme automatically creates a menu when you activate it.
The menu name is “Top Menu”, and you can see it under the “Appearances > Menu” page of your wordpress admin.
In the menu, there are by default 2 items: a “Home” link and a “Qantum Themes” link, set as demonstration.
We suggest to delete the “Qantum themes link” and leave the “home” one. To do so, click the arrow near the “Qantum themes” menu item in the Menus page, and click “remove”, than save. Refere to the video for a practical demonstration.

How to add Releases, Artists and Podcasts links to the top menu (creating links to the custom post types archives)

To do so, you need to have created at least one post of the desired post type. For example, to add a Releases link to the menu, you need to have at least one Release created before.

How to obtain the post type link? The link is not fixed, because it depends on your permalinks structure.
The easiest way to get your “custom post type archive” link is the following (the example is made using releases, but is the same for other post types):

  1. In the wp-admin, go in “Release > All Release”
  2. Choose a random release, and click “view”
  3. In the breadcrumb, you will have “Home > Release > Some name”, click “Release”
  4. Copy the url
  5. Return in the “Appearance > Menus” in your wp-admin panel
  6. Under the “Custom Links” panel, paste your url
  7. In the “Label” field, write “Release” (or what you want)
  8. Click “Add to Menu”
  9. Click Save Menu
  10. Check the result in your front page

Please watch the video if you had any trouble doing this.
Important: If you are running an old wordpress installation, and you are experiencing some “404 Errors” while visiting your “release” archive or any other custom type archive, this is the troubleshooting:

  1. in the w-admin, go under “Settings > Permalinks”
  2. Copy the custom permalink structure if you had one
  3. Select the basic permalink structure (the one with the “?p=”)
  4. Save
  5. Visit your website and try again reaching the custom type archive
  6. Go back to the permalink page
  7. Paste your custom permalinks structure
  8. Save
  9. Try again, anything must work now

Unfortunately this is an issue that happens with old wp installations (before 3.5). If the problem is persistinc clean your browser cache and try again. If you have any plugins like “Super cache” or “Total cache”, deactivate them before this poeration and reactivate them later.

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