1.2 Coming Soon Page

If enabled, you can hide the entire website to any non-logged and non-admin user.

Only you will be able to see the website.
To increase your safety, a huge red box will appear in any page to say that you are in “coming soon” mode and noone elase can see the website, so you can avoid to forget your website closed to the public.

This function is the top if you want to experiment and close the website wor a while until you finish your updates!

You can also customize the page loading a logo for this page.

How to enable the coming soon page:

  • Go in the Coming Soon panel (Appearance > Qantum Themes Admin > Coming Soon Page)
  • Customize logo and text
  • Enable the option


This is how non-logged users will see the website:


And this is how ADMINS will see the website:






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