1.1 Updating from older versions

Updating your theme from old version (LabelPro)

  2. Backup all your actual website (files and database) just in case something goes wrong
  3. Put all your widgets in the Inactive Widgets box so they will keep all the settings
  4. Upload the new theme as a completely new theme
  5. Activate it
  6. TIP: Switch on the maintenance mode under the Qantum Panel
  7. Check the menu. The voices Podcast, Releases, Artists and Events can be duplicated. Edit the single links to check which one is correct and eliminate the other.
  8. Put again the widgets in their sidebar
  9. If you are using any Fontface Font, you need to upload them manually in the font folder again. In alternative, use the new Google fonts. More infos on how to upload Fontface fonts are stright under the fontface tab of the Qantum panel.
  10. If you are using the Bootstrap slideshow, you will need to re-upload the slides in a higher resolution (1200 px width). All the other images will be fine automatically.
  11. You will probably want to use the new Revolution slider. Please refer to its own manual contained in the product package for it. To add it to the homepage, add its ID in the dedicated field of the Qantum Panel, Home tab.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a major update, that solves many compatibility issues with modern browsers, servers, WordPress, devices and plugins. It was not possible to keep on maintaining the old theme as it was, event if this one is not so much different, but the code has been in large part rewritten to increase the efficiency.

Technical note: For performance reasons, the CSS has been reordered passing from more than 6000 lines of code to less than 700. All the code is now in bootstrap.qantum.css. The maximum size is now 1200px and not 960 anymore. We had to adapt to the new standards, but we did it in the best way possible to you, avoiding the need of reuploading all your old pictures.

The javascript has been grouped in a single file, in js/labelpro-scripts.js. IF you wish to use the Ajax loading plugin, necessary to guarantee the continuos play, and you experience troubles with any plugin, in the plugin settings you can specify the scripts that you need to re-launch after the ajax page has been loaded.

If you have any trouble updating your theme, please ask us by email to info@qantumthemes.com. Please be patient, we usually solve all the requests between 8 and 24 hours.


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