3. Creating contents

This theme comes with 4 specific post types: Releases (that are music albums), Artists, Podcasts (for recordings, live sets…) and Events (useful for gigs, parties, concerts…). Each custom content has specific data. Artists, Podcasts an Releases can be edited after being imported from Beatport or Mixcloud.

2.13 Footer Widgets

In the footer there are 3 sidebars (3 columns) where you can add widgets. Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go under the “Appearance > Sidebars” tab Look for the sidebars named “Footer Row Left”, “Footer Row Middle”, or “Footer Row Right” Add any widget you want […]

2.12 Font Customization

Google Font: Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go in Typography: Google Font Set “Enable Google Face” to true You can specify 2 different font families and also change the default CSS selectors for each font Google Font: Enabling FontFace Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) […]

2.11 Facebook Like button and SDK

To include the facebook like button, enable the Facebook SDK. Anything is automated, and you can choose if you want to embed the SDK or not, for example if it is already embedded by another plugin. If you want also to include your API key, just compile that field in […]

2.10 Adding social icons

Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Click the “Social Integration” tab For every social network that you want the icon to appear, paste your page’s url. Click “Save options” Please refere to the video for a more detailed explanation

2.5 Setup contact informations

Contact informations appears in the right column of the widgetized footer. Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go under the “Contacts” tab Fill your contacts informations. Email will automatically be linked with a “mailto” link. Click “Save options”

2.4 Facebook Like Box Widget

In your wordpress admin go under “Appearance > Widgets”. Open a sidebar where you want to put your widget, find on the left the “Facebook Fanbox Widget” and drop it inside the sidebar. Configure the widget name and the Facebook page name. For example, if you want the fanbox for […]

2.3 Homepage widget boxes

You can activate a box with 3 widgetizable areas in the home page. To do so: Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go under the “Home page” tab Set to “enable” the “Homepage Multi Boxes Sidebars” dropdown option Click “Save Options” Note: this is not the widgetizable […]

2.2 Homepage Slider

Option 1. Creare a slideshow using Slider Revolution Please refere to the “Slider Revolution” manual provided with the theme product package Visit the Qantum Panel, Home tab Add the REVOLUTION SLIDER ALIAS of the slider just created Option 1. Add a new QtSlideshow (responsive, featuring youtube and vimeo videos, auto preview image) […]

2.1 Colors, logo and background customization

This is a fully customizable theme, you can find the QantumThemes Admin Panel under “Appearance > Qantum Themes Admin Panel”. Here you are able to customize your website everytime that you want. The basic installation already prepared the colors in a way that it just looks good “out of the box”. […]

1.4 Support

Visit the Support Forum Please search for any keyword that can describe your issue If you don’t find any solution, register and start a new topic Requests are answered in 24 hours except in the weekend when offices are closed Please don’t send support requests in the Themeforest Item discussion, […]

1.3 Adding links to the Top Menu

Are you new to wordpress? Here it “how to create a menu” in WordPress 3.6. Please pay attention to this chapter as this is not intuitive if you are not a wordpress expert. For your interest, this theme automatically creates a menu when you activate it. The menu name is […]

1.2 Coming Soon Page

If enabled, you can hide the entire website to any non-logged and non-admin user. Only you will be able to see the website. To increase your safety, a huge red box will appear in any page to say that you are in “coming soon” mode and noone elase can see […]

1.1 Updating from older versions

Updating your theme from old version (LabelPro) READ ALL THIS MANUAL Backup all your actual website (files and database) just in case something goes wrong Put all your widgets in the Inactive Widgets box so they will keep all the settings Upload the new theme as a completely new theme […]

1. Installation

Installing wordpress If you hosting provides a software like Installatron or Softaculous, you have only to login into your cPanel and select the WordPress software from the Installatron (or Scriptaculous) softwares list. If you need to install wordpress manually, there is an official WordPress guide to go through the process. […]