OnAir Radio WordPress Theme Manual

The updated manual of the onAir theme can be found at: http://qantumthemes.com/manuals/onair/ If you can’t find the informations that you need please use the support forum to receive support. Please remember that you can always access to updated theme versions using the original product download link. In case of issues […]

Shoutcast Link

How to use the mp3 stream of a Shoutcast radio channel? ;stream.mp3 ! For example: http://liveX.yourradio.com:1234/;stream.mp3 This is very useful for Slam and OnAir themes, as with the 360 Player is possible to use only streaming urls for radio stations that have .mp3 extension and provide a valid mp3 stream. […]

Updating SLAM with child theme

I’ve included in the theme all the different ways to update. There’s anyway something important that comes with this theme version: it adds child theme. A child theme is basically like an empty folder theme, which contains instructions to copy all what’s needed from the main SLAM theme. EXEPT if […]

Advanced Ajax Page Load plugin settings for SLAM!

We noticed in some cases updating the plugin the settings were lost. This is the correct configuration. In settings -> Advanced Ajax Page Load check that these settings are correct: container ID: ajaxContainer reload code: jQuery(“body”).delay(800).promise().done(function(){ FB.XFBML.parse();twttr.widgets.load();initializeAfterAjax($);FB.XFBML.parse(); }); data ajax reload code: jQuery.qwRevCss = jQuery(jQuery.parseHTML(dataa,true)).filter(“[data-revstyles]”); href ignore list: #, /wp-, […]


Revolution Slider and WP Bakery Visual Composer WP Plugin These plugins are bought with Extended License only for this theme. The theme contains an exclusive version of them that cannot be used with any other theme. Is strictly forbidden to extract these plugins and use on other websites, plus, this […]

3.7 Qtslideshows

In the new Labelpro 2.0 you can add infinite slideshows in any page. To do so, you must create a QtSlideshow. Login to WordPress Click QtSlideshows Click Add New Set a name Add sliders to the QtSlideshow You can create a slideshow using brand new sliders OR you can create […]

3.6 Custom Widgets

Those widgets have all the same function: display latest contents of the specific post type. If you specified a particular order attribute in the custom post, the widget will show contents ordered by the order. You can specify a title for the widget, a number of items to display and […]


You can edit the “Comments are closed” text in the Qantum Panel, general tab. To delete it, simply input a space and save. To disable comments, uncheck all the checkboxes in settings > discussion. For posts and pages that are already published, simply visit the archive page in the wp-admin and […]

3.4 Creating a new podcast

How to create a new podcast page Click “Podcast” > “add new” Enter the title and a facultative description Add Artist name, podcast name and date Add the podcast link (can be a link from mixcloud, soundcloud, youtube or a simple mp3) Upload a picture or just paste an image […]

3.3 Events

Login to wp-admin Click Events Click Add New Enter title and description Choose a date using the datepicker Insert an address and other details If you want to show a google map for the event, insert latitude and longitude in the coordinates field. In google maps do a right click on […]

3.2 Creating an Artist page

How to add an artist manually: Click “Artist” on the left, than “add new” Write the exact name in the same way you write it into the tracks of the releases. Why this is so important? One of the cool features of this theme, is that every artist appearing under […]

3.1.1 Importing releases from Beatport

You must require the Beatport API activation here: https://oauth-api.beatport.com/ In order to obtain the API key from Beatport: 1. Put in your site a good quality beatport logo linked to Beatport, like in a widget, and avoid linking to other music store 2. Write to Beatport that you need the API […]

3.1 Creating a new Release

A Release is not a track, but a COLLECTION of tracks, like an EP, an LP or a compilation. You can also create a single track release. In this theme there is not the possibility to create tracks “by itselfs” because releases are globally the way to organize the modern […]

3. Creating contents

This theme comes with 4 specific post types: Releases (that are music albums), Artists, Podcasts (for recordings, live sets…) and Events (useful for gigs, parties, concerts…). Each custom content has specific data. Artists, Podcasts an Releases can be edited after being imported from Beatport or Mixcloud.

2.13 Footer Widgets

In the footer there are 3 sidebars (3 columns) where you can add widgets. Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go under the “Appearance > Sidebars” tab Look for the sidebars named “Footer Row Left”, “Footer Row Middle”, or “Footer Row Right” Add any widget you want […]

2.12 Font Customization

Google Font: Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Go in Typography: Google Font Set “Enable Google Face” to true You can specify 2 different font families and also change the default CSS selectors for each font Google Font: Enabling FontFace Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) […]

2.11 Facebook Like button and SDK

To include the facebook like button, enable the Facebook SDK. Anything is automated, and you can choose if you want to embed the SDK or not, for example if it is already embedded by another plugin. If you want also to include your API key, just compile that field in […]

2.10 Adding social icons

Login to QantumPro Admin Panel (under the Appearance Menu) Click the “Social Integration” tab For every social network that you want the icon to appear, paste your page’s url. Click “Save options” Please refere to the video for a more detailed explanation