Code customizations

As per general Envato Terms Of Service , code customizations are not part of the support service.

Despite this, we often provided them, causing delays to the customers asking for legitimate in-territory support, and harming the budget dedicated to upgrades and development.

Therefore, in full accordance with the Themeforest Support Definition (available here), since 1st August 2019 we are stopping this practice.

How do I know if something is a customization?

It is a code customization if you answer no to all the following questions

  • Do you see it in the demos?
  • Is it explained in the documentation?
  • Is it a feature described in the product page?

If your answer is no to all of the above questions, then it is a code customization. You can ask for a new feature anytime, but we have no obligation in providing it, no deadline and no warranty that can be implemented.

What can I do if I need code customizations?

There are plenty of good services out there, the best we suggest are

Please understand this goes at your advantage, as allows us to provide:

  • Faster support for ligitimate questions
  • Quickest theme updates
  • Longer products lifetime
  • Better products quality
  • Stable prices

Rating blackmailing

Please note that leaving negative ratings in order to obtain free customizations is not only illegal (and quickly punished by law) but also strictly forbidden by the marketplace, and leads to an immediate account ban, meaning you lose your account and products (really not joking). On top of this, it’s also irrespectful for our hard work and for every other customer playing by the rules.

We will therefore adopt a zero-tolerance policy against any attempt to obtain free work via comment or rating blackmailing, and report the behavior to the law and marketplace authorities.

Thanks to everybody for your precious collaboration and understanding!