Code customizations

Code customizations are, and have always been, out of the support territory.

What does it mean?

It means that support will help you to have your product working as in the demo (and please notice that “as in the demo” doesn’t mean “as expected”, because expectations can be limitless and very far from what the product is). Because our first concern is to have any user have the product working as it should. In case of any bug, it’s our priority to provide the fix in the shortest time possible.

Why no code customization?

Matter of honesty with our customers…

If we receive requests about design or functions customizations, it means that in the time we take to help you with code, other customers wait to have their standard guaranteed theme support, which is unfair as they wait to have something they paid for, while we delivery for free work to other people that is not economically sustained.

In a global vision of equity and transparency, is unfair for a customer to wait for ordinary guaranteed support while we provide for free development services for others, for this reason we can provide small code customizations only if we have spare extra time to do so.

If you want your website to be different from the demos in any functional or appearance way not covered by the theme’s functions and you are in rush to close your project, please consider hiring a professional:


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