Updating VICE to the child theme

This article explains the easiest and fastest way to update your theme without losing any content.

It refers to SLAM but is the same process for any Theme.
In case you did customizations in this theme, you need to make them in the new version BUT there is a good news:
the new theme version has the child theme.
Switching to the child theme needs only to (maybe, usually not) set again widgets in the correct location and put the menu location.
But with the child theme, if you had customizations in the old theme, just take the files to the new one.

But then forever you just update the mother theme and keep any customized file in the new one.

1. download last version from TF
2. Unzip the theme, there are 2 themes inside. Unzip them both
3. Via FTP, log in wp-content/themes
4. Download a copy of your old slam theme (to have a backup just in case)
5. Upload the child theme unzipped via FTP in the same folder
6. Reupload the mother theme (the old one that you already downloaded will be overwritten)
7. Look the plugins contained with the product: there is a copy outside of the theme, which is useful to update them manually.
Go in the plugins folder of the product you downloaded.
All these plugins needs to be reuploaded.

You can unzip them and upload them in wp-contents/plugins.
You can make a copy of the old ones but they have been already tested by us and no issues were reported in the upload.
8. In appearance->themes enable the child slam theme, and check in frontend if you need to set again widgets and menu.
All the contents and settings will be saved, updating the theme doesn’t affect your database.

You can anyway (if you have lots of contents and wanna be super careful) backup also the database from phpmyadmin or using any backup plugin.
Usually I never experienced data loss for an update. This procedure is pretty safe, just be sure that the FTP upload goes good and no files are forgotten.

FileZilla is a free FTP client, your hosting should provide you FTP credentials in case you don’t have.


  1. DjSteven-S

    I tried doing it through FTP and was having problems. I just deleted the themes and uploaded the new themes through WordPress. Then it only mentioned I needed an updated version of QT Loader which I deleted the old and uploaded the new. Did that for all of them. Is there any way you can check if my site was updated. The Child still says version 1.0 the Parent does seem to be a different version. Thanks. Only thing screwed up when I went back to my site where the widgets. Go those in order in about 5 minutes. Everything else seems to be working fine. Thanks

    1. qantumthemes

      Yes, updating to child themes may require to go in Menu and Widgets and place your widgets and menu in the appropriate location, but all the contents stays in place (and the settings too).
      The version of the child theme doesn’t update as it represents only a personal version, as is made to customize the theme adding your own files to the child theme to bypass the original templates which are in the parent theme folder.

      So child theme always stays 1.0 and if you want to change for instance a file called header.php, you can copy that to the child theme folder, and when updating the parent theme your child theme will be safe.

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